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Ouran High School Host Club

Episode 17: Kyoya’s Reluctant Day Out!

Haruhi…are you okay?

remind me why people don’t like renge again

i wish they hadn’t squeezed koujaku’s route into one 30 minute episode i wish the other routes didn’t exist so we could have a beautiful cinematic retelling of koujaku’s route spanning 5 complete episodes, no bullshit full gay


*eyes emoji*


*eyes emoji*

i’ve been really busy lately so i haven’t had a chance to be online much but i just heard about mega lopunny and i haven’t even seen it yet but still, god bless sinnoh


you know I find it very interesting that the only character in OHSHC who doesn’t actively pursue Haruhi (aside from Honey who just doesn’t count) is Renge and for a show that seemed to really love doing ridiculous things I find it odd that they didn’t have the last episode end with Renge and Haruhi’s wedding just to be like “fuckin’ with your head even as we shout ‘bye bitches’ lol not sorry :P”

I SAW A PUG WHILE I WAS AT THE BEACH TODAY it was so tiny and it had a little pink dress with polka dots on and i just screamed and petted it i love pugs and i was practically sobbing


its 1 AM come find me in the pit


its 1 AM come find me in the pit

GOD i just clicked on joker’s wiki page trying to find out what that accent he speaks with is but in the 1.5 seconds that the page was loading i realised that i would probably get spoiled if i saw the page so i hurriedly closed the window before it finished loading and i think that has got to be one of the fastest times i’ve gotten from thought to reaction

i’m liking book of circus despite the fact that barely anything has happened so far idk i guess i’m just content with how there’s finally going to be a portion of kuro that isn’t shit (or so i’ve heard)

my circus faves are joker, doll and snake! i’m not a huge fan of beast and dagger reminds me of a circus toudou so i don’t like him very much either

i hope we see more of lau and ran-mao and grell too I LOVE THEM please do not let me down

Parts of renge’s room 

the other day

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i was walking my dog just now and a group of little white kids came up to me and asked me if i was chinese so i was like ‘yea’ and then they were like ‘but if you’re chinese then why do you speak english’ omg are white people taught to be stupid from a young age or something because like

40 anime questions!


9: Name an anime character you absolutely hate