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that being said when their relationship first started showing signs of cracking (LIKE TWO YEARS AGO OR SOMETHING) i got so frustrated i stopped reading the series and blacklisted it on tumblr

i wanted to say this on my kento blog but i decided against it….. so basically yeah i’m really annoyed at kento/ayane sinking in kimi ni todoke but it’s not like i didn’t see it coming and even then i’m not that upset about it because you watch shit like zankyou no terror or evangelion and realise that shoujo is weak and love triangles are laughably trivial when the end of the world is knocking at your door


Wow! Look! It’s the sequel to my other game! It’s Pokemon Super Steven Stone RPG Game Adventure Super Stone 2! This game even has a better title screen! Does that mean that this is finally a good game! Probably a bit! Maybe not that much! That’s up to you to decide!

What’s the plot! Wallace and Steven move to Sinnoh only to find trouble creeping up on them! This dodgy looking businessman named Cyrus is being dodgy! Team Galactic is up to no good! Our heroes team up with other Gen 4 characters and go through a Pokemon adventure! Without the Pokemon! Save for Luvdisc! And tons of Zubats that hate you! Can you save the world from this odd crossover! That’s also up to you!


If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you need the RPGXP Run-time Package to run this game.

(I’ve already completed the third game however I don’t have a title screen for it yet…who knows how long it’ll take?? SEE YOU IN A FEW MONTHS)

Lmao "haruka loves rin more"


Your post appeared on the makoharu tag so the only think I was lurking for was makoharu. I'm the previous anon btw.

oh uh sorry i was under the impression that the same person was sending those asks. anyway i didn’t tag the post so the only way you could’ve seen it was if you were using the search function on the recent setting. 

Someone's mad about there being more makoharu than rinharu in the last episode.

i thought of 3 different ways to respond to this. couldn’t pick just one so i’ll list em all

  1. no not really because unlike you i have other interests and don’t let my thoughts revolve around mediocre anime
  2. and SOMEONE’S still trying to excuse the shitty actions their ship’s fanbase have made
  3. how sad do you have to be to lurk around on tumblr’s search function sending stupid messages to whatever blog you come across that calls your fanbase out on its bullshit
About your makoharu post, there were only a small minority of people in the makoharu ship joking about those tweets. The majority of the makoharu shippers were standing up against those tweets though. There are immature ppl in every fandom, ship, etc. you seem to be doing something similar right now so just a heads up. :/

of course i know it wasn’t everyone in the makoharu fanbase who made those comments lmao i’m not stupid but there WERE makoharu fans making those comments and there WERE plenty of other makoharu fans who excused and defended those ugly comments and just because it was ‘a small minority’ doesn’t make their actions less shitty or real; it still happened and the fact that they went and made RAPE JOKES about utsumi because their trivial anime pairing didn’t get any attention in ep 12 is revolting

also there’s a difference between ‘being immature’ and ‘making light of rape and being misogynistic scumbags’ lol ok don’t compare me to them. get outta my inbox and take your bullshit with you.

rinharu fans may be more disappointed about the last ep than makoharu fans but at least rinharu fans didn’t make rape jokes and sexist comments about the show’s director when things didn’t go their way soooo there’s that


don’t understand how people take anime so seriously that they go and do stuff like that. yikes

makoharu shippers r making rape jokes and misogynistic statements about director utsumi because of ep 12. didn’t think these shippers could get any more fucking stupid than they already were but obviously i guess i was wrong.


original from Dangan Ronpa 4koma
translation by UmiHoshi @ all-the-fluff
to all the komikan fans


original from Dangan Ronpa 4koma

translation by UmiHoshi @ all-the-fluff

to all the komikan fans

oh yeah uh i noticed that a load of people still follow this blog even tho it’s literally descended completely into an incoherent anime trash space like i don’t even bother to tag things anymore but if you want something tagged shoot me an ask. i won’t mind.



Pokemon behind-the-scenes